The generous education benefits earned by veterans and active-duty military from their service make them targets for predatory for-profit colleges. Certain regulations actively incentivize these schools to target veterans, such as the “90/10 loophole”.

The 90/10 rule stipulates that for-profit colleges should not be funded solely by federal taxpayers, and federal taxpayers should not be propping up low-quality schools. However, the loophole excludes GI Bill and Department of Defense funding, which allows for-profit colleges that are unable to draw minimal funding beyond federal dollars can effectively evade oversight by aggressively targeting and enrolling military students.

Because of the significant proportion of military students that attend for-profit colleges, it is also particularly important for them that other regulations that protect students from predatory colleges and precipitous closures are strengthened; rules such as borrower defense, gainful employment, and automatic closed school discharge.


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