As awareness of the widespread nature of the predatory tactics often employed by for-profit colleges has increased, state and federal governments have undertaken multiple investigations of for-profit colleges. 

For a list of all pending Law Enforcement Investigations and Actions Regarding For-Profit Colleges see:

Nonprofit and consumer organizations have also increasingly engaged in litigation to protect student and force the DeVos Department of Education to follow the law.

Key Cases

  • The Department of Education and Secretary DeVos were held in contempt for continuing to improperly collect on student loans held by former Corinthian students after a court ordered that collection be halted as the court considered the failure of the Department to cancel student loans held by these students in Calvillo Manriquez v. DeVos.
  • The Department of Education was forced to cancel $95 million in students loans of ITT students who attended the school as it collapsed in Hera v. DeVos.
  • Class action litigation challenging the Department of Education’s refusal to process borrower’s defense to repayment claims in Sweet v. DeVos.
  • Department of Education forced to cancel $11 million in loans after continuing to provide federal funds to the schools after they lost their accreditation and eligibility to participate in the Title IV loan program in Infusino v. DeVos.