Protect Students & Taxpayers offers a collection of resources produced by organizations working on behalf of students, veterans, faculty and staff, civil rights advocates, researchers, and others concerned about career education programs that leave students with debts they cannot afford. Predatory schools leave students with unfair and unaffordable student loan debt and leave taxpayers exposed when students cannot repay those debts. Many predatory schools are heavily dependent on taxpayer funding and target veterans in particular for their GI Bill funds.

We support common-sense accountability to ensure that all students are able to access an education that improves their lives, students who are cheated by colleges are able to fairly cancel student loan debt, and that taxpayer dollars are not wasted on programs that offer little value to students but leave them with debt they cannot afford to repay.

Negotiated Rulemaking

Why Students of Color Need a Strong Gainful Employment Rule

Implementing 90/10 Loophole Closure to Protect Student Veterans

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