Protect Students and Taxpayers is a coalition of organizations working on behalf of students, veterans, faculty and staff, civil rights advocates, researchers, and others concerned about unaffordable student debts and predatory practices. The coalition strongly supports accountability provisions that offer college students commonsense consumer protections. We oppose the delay, dismantling or weakening of policies that could prevent taxpayer dollars being wasted, and we advocate for increased accountability for college programs that overcharge and underdeliver. Through research, advocacy and litigation, we seek to improve transparency, oversight and accountability in higher education and to address the disproportionate impact that predatory practices by colleges have on students of color, low-income students and veterans.  

Our coalition opposes deceptive practices by colleges regardless of the sector of higher education in which they occur. However, the evidence is clear that predatory conduct that harms students and taxpayers is concentrated in the for-profit sector. The governance structure of for-profit colleges creates an incentive to maximize profits rather than value for students. In contrast, nonprofit and public institutions have governance structures that are designed to prevent individual enrichment.  

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