This site was created by a coalition of organizations working on behalf of students, veterans, faculty and staff, civil rights advocates, researchers, and others concerned about unaffordable student debts and predatory practices. The coalition strongly supports accountability provisions that offer college students common-sense consumer protections and oppose the delay, dismantling, or weakening of policies that lead to taxpayer dollars being wasted and college programs that over-charge and under-deliver. Through research, advocacy and litigation, we seek to improve transparency oversight and accountability in higher education and to address the disproportionate impact that predatory practices by colleges have on students of color, low-income students and veterans.

Policies that the coalition supports include: a clear and fair process for borrowers who have been lied to or defrauded by colleges to assert a defense to repayment of their student loans; taking the target off the back of veterans by closing the 90/10 loophole and making sure colleges are less dependent on taxpayer dollars; reinstating and strengthening the gainful employment rule to ensure taxpayer dollars are not wasted on high cost low quality programs; and maintaining and strengthening the existing ban on incentive compensation payments (sales commissions) to college recruiters.